Tuesday, November 2, 2010




How are you peeps doing?Good I hope.Open-mouthed smile Well, at the time of this post’s writing, I’m having 1 more paper to take. Err, maybe more than one. But who’s counting?Winking smile It’s been a while and I’ve really wanted to write a post earlier in the finals. But with the tight schedule and equally hard papers*sigh* I just don’t have the time. How bout now?well, tomorrow is physics paper. So I think you guys can guess why I’m out blogging and not physics”ing”. Open-mouthed smile


‘Nuff said, let’s not get side tracked with physics and continue with this post shall we? Well, about the title. Well, I’m really wanting something now. Wanting to punch you in the face!Haha. Fine. Lame joke.-______________________-“ Wanting to sit in a car, windows down, radio on full blast zipping along the country road. Yes. I Want To Drive. Real badly I suppose. It’s like being a drug addict and not getting your cocaine. Yes, I’m Not Exaggerating. I really miss my father’s wira. The roar of its exhaust. Enough to make me feel I’m driving a Lambo. Smile


This is what happens when you’re 18, don’t have money, don’t have a car but your hobby is driving. Haha. Hell, t’s not a hobby, it’s friggin therapy for me!Yes, I admit. I AM A DRIVAHOLIC. Open-mouthed smile I really love to drive. But mind you, really loathe driving with my parents. Haha. No offense abah n umi! Smile with tongue out When they are in the car, I’m glad to let go of the steering wheel and sit on the back seat. Haha. And I assume you teens know why. Winking smile


*sigh. I really need to go drive. Its either that or eating. Haha. cowboy western. Yummeh! Open-mouthed smile But alas, I’m really controlling my money flow with the holidays coming up. Haha. Wouldn't want to be broke during the holidays do we? What with the plans to go driving along the countryside and whatever. Yes, I’m rally controlling my tummy for the sake of a long drive. Haha. Sorry, can’t help it. Smile with tongue out


Well, I’m planning to go out with Atiqa, Ezy n Aliff this friday. And am seroiusly considering to rent a car. Yay!Open-mouthed smile Well, I’m offering myself to be the driver. What else would you expect?Open-mouthed smile



here’s a picture of me with my new Mohawk hairstyle. Nice eh?Winking smile

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