Tuesday, November 30, 2010



Salam! Kabare? Open-mouthed smile

Well, harini ingat nak tulis manglish lah. Asyik tulis english bosan pulakk(matilaa kalo my english teachers bace. Haha)


Haihh. Skang dah sem dua dah. Kejap je. Tau2 je dah masuk fakulti pastu grad pastu kerja pastu kawin pastu tua. Ops. termelalut.-______-“


Ok2. Act nak cerita pasal sem dua ni. hee. Skarang da masuk second week dahh. Bahangnye dah terasa! Kalau first week aritu asyik bantai tengok movie kan (haha. takpe. saye tak takut kantoi. parents saye tak bace belog ini. Smile with tongue out)


Punyela beriye tengok sampai tak tido pun ade. Haha. Konon2 sebab nanti dah start jadual penuh takde mase la, pe la. memang pun. hehe


Arini dah ari rabu dah. Tutorial sume dah dapat. mantaaaaaaapppp. Math3 n kimia je dah dua tutorial masing2. Haha. Ngengs. Fizik pulak baru dapat tadi.


haaaaaaa. Cakap pasal fizik……….yaAllah, tak paham langsung fizik4. Blak gile. Dulu fizik garu2 ketiak je dah boleh jawab. Skarang, kau garula ketiak sape pun. haraaaaaaaaaaammmmmmm. Kadang2 tu rase nak buat gini je


hahahahahaha. Stylee kaaaaaan? Sori jakun sikit sebab baru jumpe. heheh Smile with tongue out


Skarang nga selsema ni. Tadi baru balik frem klinik bawah blok ni. First time pergi. Cambest je. Aku siap dapat mintak panadol lebih lg kat doktor tu. hahahaha. Jimaaaaaaat. Ye laaa. Ko ingat mak abah aku cop duit???haha. Baek doc tu. comel pulak tu. alahaiiiiiiiiii. Embarrassed smile Open-mouthed smile


Aduh pening+ngantuk. Ubat sudah mula masuk bloodstream. Heartbeat smakin slow, mate makin berat. So nak buat apa? Kita tido. Adioooossssss Winking smile


Salam!Open-mouthed smile

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Casa De Sole, a dream.. :)


Hey buddies! How are you guys? I hope you are in the pink of health, I know I do. Smile  Firstly, sorry for being SO silent for SOOO long. Ha-ha. I’m just not in the mood to write. Type. Whatever.


So I’ve been reading this book lately, its a very amazing book and literally just opened my mind. There’s tons of info in that book and if you want to check it out, send a PM to me at my facebook wall and I’ll tell you about it ok. Open-mouthed smile


So, there’s a chapter in this book about you dreams. NOT the type you get when you sleep but rather what you want to be, etcetera2, blah2. Well, this book said instead of thinking of my dream, why not think from my dream. Get it?


Here’s an example. Instead of thinking about my dream house, I’m thinking from my dream house. Getting out of bed, into the family space, the condition, imagining every detail as if the dream is actually reality. How the light enters your house, and such.


Imagine the grandeur, the immenseness of your house. Feel its calm and warming aura that is of your home. Starting to make sense now?Smile By imagining this, i felt an aura, an urge that makes me want to push more and work harder to achieve it.


So, here goes. My dream house, Casa De Sole-House of sunlight.


Sitting on the top of a hill, overlooking the city is a house. My house. Its surrounded by lush forest around it. The wrought iron gate of the estate is an extremely intricate piece of work, yet it seems so warm and homecoming. Not a event a hint of coldness.


Past the gates, there’s a circular drive leading to the main building of the estate. In its centre is a fountain worthy of Michelangelo himself. And in front of the double doors of the main building, waiting for you to arrive is me. Open-mouthed smile


You can see why my house is called House of Sunlight. The large frameless windows stretching from the ceiling to the floor allows tons of natural light to come in, eliminating the need to turn on the lights during daytime.


Inside, its so bright and radiant. The household seems to absorb the light and radiate it back with greater vigour. Simply filling the house with warmth. The large and spacious living room literally spells comfort.


Off to the far right is the dining area. A large teakwood dining table surrounded with simple yet elegant chairs. Just enough space for the family and a few friends. Smile



Near the back of my house is the study. Behind the double sliding-oakwood door is my study. Past the sliding doors, you are greeted with a single pane of glass that stretches across the room. Allowing sunlight to enter without effort.


The walls are dominated with bookshelves stacked full with books of numerous kind. At the far right is a large table made of jati wood. My work desk. I Would call important people and making important decision from that desk. Open-mouthed smile. Across the room are a few sofas to lounge on. Again coloured with shades of wood. Smile


Off to the far right is the door leading to the powerhouse of the, err house. Winking smile Upstairs, well lets just keep it inside my head ok. Winking smile 


Well, there you go. My dream house. What’s yours?Smile


check this out. Its aram khachaturian’s piece. Lezghinka performed by Russian National Orchestra. Smile

Tuesday, November 2, 2010




How are you peeps doing?Good I hope.Open-mouthed smile Well, at the time of this post’s writing, I’m having 1 more paper to take. Err, maybe more than one. But who’s counting?Winking smile It’s been a while and I’ve really wanted to write a post earlier in the finals. But with the tight schedule and equally hard papers*sigh* I just don’t have the time. How bout now?well, tomorrow is physics paper. So I think you guys can guess why I’m out blogging and not physics”ing”. Open-mouthed smile


‘Nuff said, let’s not get side tracked with physics and continue with this post shall we? Well, about the title. Well, I’m really wanting something now. Wanting to punch you in the face!Haha. Fine. Lame joke.-______________________-“ Wanting to sit in a car, windows down, radio on full blast zipping along the country road. Yes. I Want To Drive. Real badly I suppose. It’s like being a drug addict and not getting your cocaine. Yes, I’m Not Exaggerating. I really miss my father’s wira. The roar of its exhaust. Enough to make me feel I’m driving a Lambo. Smile


This is what happens when you’re 18, don’t have money, don’t have a car but your hobby is driving. Haha. Hell, t’s not a hobby, it’s friggin therapy for me!Yes, I admit. I AM A DRIVAHOLIC. Open-mouthed smile I really love to drive. But mind you, really loathe driving with my parents. Haha. No offense abah n umi! Smile with tongue out When they are in the car, I’m glad to let go of the steering wheel and sit on the back seat. Haha. And I assume you teens know why. Winking smile


*sigh. I really need to go drive. Its either that or eating. Haha. cowboy western. Yummeh! Open-mouthed smile But alas, I’m really controlling my money flow with the holidays coming up. Haha. Wouldn't want to be broke during the holidays do we? What with the plans to go driving along the countryside and whatever. Yes, I’m rally controlling my tummy for the sake of a long drive. Haha. Sorry, can’t help it. Smile with tongue out


Well, I’m planning to go out with Atiqa, Ezy n Aliff this friday. And am seroiusly considering to rent a car. Yay!Open-mouthed smile Well, I’m offering myself to be the driver. What else would you expect?Open-mouthed smile



here’s a picture of me with my new Mohawk hairstyle. Nice eh?Winking smile