Friday, October 22, 2010

Of nothing and anything.=)



Heyy! It's been a while since I've updated my blog. I am currently very busy right now, with the finals just around the corner like, seriously. It's just 48 hours away n yes, I am PANICKING, hyperventilating, hypertension and all manner of hyper that you can find on the dictionaries.*sigh*. It's been hard and laborious work for me to cover the subject. (Haha. I'm really, really regretting my lack of effort now) Well, a side note for my fellow bloggers to read about. I bet you guys are wondering why the hell I changed my writing style right. Hmm, let's just say I'm just trying out this new style and yes, I'm currently really into it. :D


Back to the main story. I'm currently doing a crash course on ALL of my subjects. Yes, all of them. It's been on since last Friday and I'm planning on hauling ass up until Sunday. Sitting alone at the cafe, really helped me to concentrate. I can even study up until the wee hours of the day (sometimes until 4, but usually I stop at 3 in the morning) Sounds crazy? You guessed right. And I think, due to my studying "spree" I contracted a severe case of hypertension. It was a bummer! I can't even concentrate on simple things, lest studying!


I could feel the arteries at my temples pulsing with every pump of my heart. It scared me to death. I seriously thought I'd suffer a stroke and die.-___________________________-"Sounds silly right? Try and put yourself in my shoes and picture it. It's NOT. Well, I forced myself to bed early that night. By midnight, I was on my bed, wrapped in my favourite blanket. Ah, what comfort. The next morning, i woke up fresh and devoid of any feeling of getting a stroke at my tender age. And yes, I've been spared another day. Alhamdulillah. =)


The next morning, (Friday) I went to Dr. Shida's office to pick up the test questions for my tutorial group. What I thought was a 5 minute meeting turned out to be 2 and a half hour of chatter. It was really fun talking to someone. It's been a while since I've been able to talk to someone for that long. It was plain fun and relaxing. Oh how I missed talking to Syahmi about everything and laughing out loud while condemning Jabbar. Really miss my besties. =( hope you guys are doing fine there. I'm kinda lonely here. Sure, I have great friends around me. They're marvellous and really fun but I really miss us. Lame dah tak jumpe korang. Huhu.


And yes, I'm really into someone and no I'm not telling who. Let's just say she'll never pick me and I never ever have a chance against the guys that's coming for her. Actually this post is about nothing. I just needed to write something to vent my emptiness. =) and yes, it helped me. A mite, I suppose. =) So ciao friends and foes alike. Tc. Don't ever let yourself be shrouded in mystery. Hohoho.